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New Venture Leads

New Venture Leads, designed exclusively for Insurance Agencies, Freight Brokers, Equipment Suppliers and Compliance and Safety Consultants seeking the most cutting-edge tools to optimize their prospecting efforts. With New Venture Leads, we take insurance lead generation to a whole new level, empowering you with advanced filtering capabilities to precisely target your ideal prospects.

Key Features and Benefits:

Motor Carrier Data: Access up-to-date information on newly registered motor carriers as soon as it becomes available. Stay ahead of the competition and be the first to reach out to potential clients.

Comprehensive Filtering Options: Tailor your search based on a wide range of criteria, including company location, cargo type, carrier classification, and more. Refine your results to pinpoint prospects that perfectly match your business objectives.

Uncover New Opportunities: Identify emerging motor carrier businesses and get an early edge in nurturing promising leads. New Venture Leads opens doors to fresh opportunities for your agency to grow and expand its clientele.

User-Friendly Interface: Our intuitive platform ensures a seamless experience while navigating and utilizing the advanced filtering options. You’ll save time and effort, allowing you to focus on building relationships with high-quality leads.

Time-Saving Automation: Set up filters to receive daily or weekly email alerts with new leads that match your selected criteria. Let New Venture Leads do the groundwork, so you can concentrate on building meaningful connections with potential clients.

Competitive Advantage: Stay ahead of your competition with New Venture Leads’ precise targeting. By focusing on the most relevant prospects, you’ll boost your closing rates and ultimately achieve higher success in the insurance market.

Unlock the potential of New Venture Leads today and witness your insurance prospecting soar to new heights. Whether you specialize in commercial auto, cargo, or any other motor carrier insurance, this powerful tool is a game-changer.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your prospecting efforts and gain an edge in the competitive insurance landscape. Join the ranks of successful insurance agencies already harnessing the power of Carrier IQ’s New Venture Leads.

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