motor carrier explorer product

Motor Carrier Explorer

Embark on a journey of opportunities with the Motor Carrier Explorer, your essential key to unlocking an affluent and varied world of trucking leads. Conceived and engineered for industry professionals, this tool is more than just a database – it’s a sophisticated instrument, meticulously designed to grant you unparalleled access to a rich, extensive, and thoroughly vetted array of motor carrier leads. From burgeoning startups to well-established motor carriers, the Explorer opens up a realm where every lead is a tangible pathway to potential business opportunities, partnerships, and growth trajectories.

New Venture Leads

New Venture Leads, designed exclusively for Insurance Agencies, Freight Brokers, Equipment Suppliers and Compliance and Safety Consultants seeking the most cutting-edge tools to optimize their prospecting efforts. With New Venture Leads, we take insurance lead generation to a whole new level, empowering you with advanced filtering capabilities to precisely target your ideal prospects.

Company Safety Profile

Introducing our new product, the Company Safety Profile (CSP), designed to assist insurance agents and insurance carriers in their operations. The Company Safety Profile is a comprehensive report that provides safety-related information on individual motor companies, including relevant details from inspection and crash reports, as well as the outcomes of reviews and enforcement actions involving the requested company.

Carrier Underwriting Reports

Carrier Underwriting Reports

Our comprehensive motor carrier underwriting reports provide a invaluable resource to help underwriters accurately rate carriers, reduce losses and drive profits. Our reports include essential data points that help you make smarter decisions, such as information on carrier experience and safety performance, operational details, and more. Our reports are fast and easy to obtain, so you’ll get the most up-to-date insights in a timely manner. With our reports in hand, carriers can more accurately quantify the risk posed by a company, adjust rates accordingly and prevent potential losses. Get our comprehensive motor carrier underwriting reports and experience the power of confidence-building data.

Carrier Market Analysis

Carrier Market Analysis

Introducing the ultimate tool for carrier market analysis. Our powerful and intuitive software platform helps get you the data you need in order to understand your customers and stay ahead of the competition. With our cutting-edge algorithms and powerful analytics, you can analyze fleet composition, size, utility, and cost factors for trucking and bus companies to better understand and target the right carriers for your business. Better yet, our platform allows you to monitor trends in the market, identify the best opportunities, and make informed decisions. Get the edge you need to stay ahead today with our top-of-the-line carrier market analysis tool!

Carrier Leads

If you’re an insurance agent looking to expand your customer base, our carrier leads are the perfect solution. With a wealth of experience in the transportation industry, we have developed an extensive network of trucking and bus companies across the nation, making it easy for you to connect with potential customers.